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As Bunkle Brings It Off is coming out next week and we hope that lots of you will want to pre-order copies and because we have lots of other wonderful books on our list that we’d like you all to discover, we’re offering 10% discount on all orders via our website until midnight on 30th [...]

A Celebratory Giveaway!

To celebrate the imminent arrival of Bunkle Brings It Off – 1st July – and to mark the moment where I really feel we’re cracking on with publishing again, we’re running a giveaway for the next few days.  I’m also hoping that this gesture of warmth and generosity will encourage the sun to finally bless [...]

I know that many of our readers have been eagerly awaiting the appearance of Bunkle Brings It Off, the last title in Margot Pardoe’s series about the eponymous Bunkle who spends his life getting into scrapes, being teased by his older siblings (he’s nick-named Bunkle because they say he speaks such a lot of bunk) [...]