I know that many of our readers have been eagerly awaiting the appearance of Bunkle Brings It Off, the last title in Margot Pardoe’s series about the eponymous Bunkle who spends his life getting into scrapes, being teased by his older siblings (he’s nick-named Bunkle because they say he speaks such a lot of bunk) but always saving the day in the end, often helping out his father who works for the Secret Service. Bunkle Brings It Off involves him with a Russian princess, a gang of kidnappers and a goat before he wins through.  I do love the Bunkle series – they’re so charmingly off their time and have all the ingredients of a good children’s adventure story which ensured their success when they were first published.  One of my very favourite things is when people tell me that they’re passing them on to children today and that they’re enjoying them.  It’s great that our reissues make more mature readers happy, especially those who’ve been unable to lay hands on these titles prior to our editions, but knowing that they’re gaining a new audience is wonderful because that’s how these books will continue to be enjoyed.

Bunkle Brings It Off will be available to pre-order next week so that you can be among the first to savour his adventures.