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Just by looking at our mailing list we know that Fidra Books has lots of overseas readers and we also know that given UK postage prices, ordering from us from overseas is not inexpensive.  So we were delighted to see that Kieron Smith, one of the founders of The Book Depository (subsequently goggled up by [...]

This is the first in the ‘Bunkle’ series about the de Salis family, in which we meet Jill, Robin and Bunkle, so named by his brother and sister because they say he talks such a lot of bunk. They are having an average sort of holiday: Bunkle is infuriating his older siblings, and the most [...]

“Starting a riding club seemed like a good idea at first.  But then the bossy Clarissa Dandleby joins, the Intimidating Major Hooley scares off some of the members and Miss Durdon takes over as President in return for letting the club use her field.  Suddenly it all seems a lot less like fun for Jill [...]