Just by looking at our mailing list we know that Fidra Books has lots of overseas readers and we also know that given UK postage prices, ordering from us from overseas is not inexpensive.  So we were delighted to see that Kieron Smith, one of the founders of The Book Depository (subsequently goggled up by the Evil Empire), has now set up The Best Little Bookshop – aiming to provide all the benefits of an independent bookshop in an online environment.  All their prices are shown including international postage so no nasty surprises at the check out.

As a former bookshop owner I would naturally dispute that an online retailer can even hope to match a good bookshop but I like what he’s doing, I know that Kieron is a bookseller to his core and I love the way they’re curating their range. It’s only just launched and is in beta-testing at present but to the best of my knowledge everything’s going smoothly.

The benefit to our overseas customers is that due to their economies of scale, The Best Little Bookshop can ship overseas for less that we can. You may need to change the currency in the top right of the screen but I suspect the site does it automatically depending on your location – my tech knowledge doesn’t extend that far!  So, if you’ve been rationing your purchases, now’s your chance to snap up some of the titles you’ve missed out on!  You can read more about the Best Little Bookshop here and here’s our page with details of all our books.