Caroline Akrill grew up with ponies and a liking for the classic pony books, such as Silver Snaffles and the Jill series. She has seen shows from various angles Ė as a competitor, as a professional and as a parent Ė and has drawn on these experiences in her writing. Prior to writing her career was also pony-filled, from running a riding school and stables to being a horse dealer.

Caroline Akrillís writing career began with articles for various publications, such as Pony Magazine. It was in Pony that her stories were published for the first time, firstly short stories and then a serial. This was published as Iíd Rather Not Gallop in 1975, as the opening novel in a trilogy based on Akrillís own showing career. Following this success with another, Caroline wrote her hugely popular Eventing Trilogy. These books, along with the later Silver Bridle Trilogy, are all humorous and it is in this way that they are unusual in the world of pony books. However it is Flying Changes, Akrillís only non-humorous pony story, which is the most unusual. Originally intended as a book for adults, it is very dark, filled with hurt and tragedy Ė very uncommon in the world of pony books.

Caroline Akrill then spent 20 years as a publisher of horse stories, and she and her husband now run a gorgeous hotel in Conwy, North Wales.


Caroline Akrill

Iíd Rather Not Gallop
If I Could Ride
Caroline Canters Home
Eventerís Dream
Ticket to Ride
Eventerís Trilogy
Flying Changes
Make Me a Star
Stars Donít Cry
Catch a Falling Star
The Silver Bridle

Non Fiction

Showing the Ridden Pony
Not Quite a Horsewoman
A Road Safety Workbook for Young Riders


Jane Badger Books has an excellent feature on Caroline Akrill and her pony books.

Caroline Akrill now runs the Plas Maenan Hotel in Conwy, North Wales.